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That was a pretty fun title. Really, I was just thinking about how you can kill anyone with anything. I mean, any object can be a weapon. You can stab someone with a pencil or pen, and I saw someone break a board with a rolled-up magazine. Paper, well, you could gag them, maybe, or papercut their neck. I really do think that would work--maybe if you hit an artery...

That also leads me to another thing. Anything can kill you. There is risk in anything. There is risk of dying in life and living and everything you do. Haha. Anyway. Like, getting into a car? You could easily die. Eating food, you could choke, it could be poisoned, you could be hugely allergic...Any number of things. Being outside--you could get skin cancer, or be attacked by a rabid animal (or person), get hit by a car, the possibilities are endless. Even breathing, there could be bad stuff in the air that kills you. Even crazy stuff like that happens all the time.

So people need to stop obsessing over the little germs. Over the hand towel that your best friend wiped her hands on; over the germs on grass that you probably shouldn't lie down on. We have problems directly related to the fact that we're trying to kill off every germ. And anyway, if you think of all the problems, and all the ways you could die that don't have to do with little germs or something, it just doesn't matter. So a fly touches your food--don't eat it, it's gross, whatever...But probably tons of flies have done that to your food, and you just didn't notice. So you already ate fly crap. And did it kill you? No. But then is that the only question? Did it kill you?

To me, yeah, for a lot of things. I guess it all depends on if your health teacher just spent 43 minutes talking about all the germs everywhere, and you are really tired of all this hype. Those little things--the hand towel, the library book anyone could have had, the penny the little child picks up so happily that is covered in germs--they don't actually matter. And those germophobes out there need to get over it.

I'm the kind of person who asks for a sip of my best friend's drink, and offers a bite of my dessert to my sister. I just don't think it's that big a deal. And I'm still alive, while many germophobes are dead--and not from germs, either. I used to be a huge germophobe. I guess I've converted.
Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?
My recurring dreams are just plain weird. Like, sliding on mattresses down the two staircases at my grandmother's with some five year old. And my grandmother's house only has one staircase! It's funny how everything makes sense in dreams. You think it's totally normal to be canoeing along a water park ride, then going up an elevator (still in the canoe) and seeing your pet dog sitting there happily, even though it's tail is stuck in the door...

Or maybe that's just me. Yeah, probably. I have pretty strange dreams...
There is a difference between faith and knowledge.

I feel the need to go on about this because someone refused to believe me. Anyway. Faith is pretty strong--you totally believe that you are right.

But there's still a possibility that you are wrong. You have to face that. You can't prove that you're right (yeah, I'm talking about religion). Knowledge means you can prove it. It is undeniably right. And no religion is like that. Except agnosticism, I guess--it is a fact that no one knows for sure what happens after death or whatever.

So yeah, you're pretty sure that what you believe in is right. But you're not in denial, so you accept the chance that it's wrong. Right? And you acknowledge the fact that you don't know for sure.

I don't believe in reality. I mean, think about it. there are tons of sides to every issue.

At least 2. Yes or no. Really three, because some person in Africa or something would say that is not even an issue.

So how do you decide which one's right? There are so many! What one person sees, another doesn't. What one person thinks, another thinks is bull. Is there really any way to pick one?

I don't think there is. So there's no reality. My reality is different from yours--and if the definition of reality is the one real truth, we can't both be right.

Well, in a way we can. But in reality, the truth of the matter is that there's no way to pick one. So reality is just an idea.

Like a utopia--there's a reason it came from the Greek word for "nowhere." But anyway. Reality isn't real; it's just a tantalizing theory that one would like to believe in.

So...Does that make me not one?
What do you do for those who are less fortunate than you? What do you wish you did more of, if anything?
 Actually, I don't really care about people. We've created all our own problems, and created all new problems for other species, other things that we don't honestly deserve to live. So my idea of helping is volunteering at the humane shelter. Those puppies and kitties did nothing wrong, and they are so cute and trusting I cannot imagine how awful you must be to mistreat them. I simply do not get it.

So, screw people, those animals are less fortunate. I wish I could adopt them all, but I can't, so I'll make their lives better while they're here.

All my cats were strays. Three of my dogs (all five have been rescued strays) had heartworm; one died of a rare hip condition. Our latest is old, deaf, has cataracts, and had heartworm and fleas when we found her. She'd been on her own a long time. Maybe some person out there has all that same stuff (okay, maybe not heartworm and fleas) but you can bet it's more his/her fault that it is Josie's. They brought it on themselves, and while I'm sympathetic and I do what I can for them, I don't go as far out of my way.

Actually, this is all about arguing. Arguing is awesome. You're never wrong, if you argue well enough. And it's so fun! I never get to argue so...

Argue with me? Please?

Anyway, the only people who will argue with me (because they don't know how awesome I am) are totally backwards. Like, they cannot accept the craziness of their lives. Those are the radical Christians, and hunters, and hicks who abound where I live. Everyone else agrees with me, or stays out of the way.

I'll argue any point. We seriously need a debate team.

Anyway. The point was, I am so bored, you should argue with me. Pwetty pwetty pwease with a cherry on top???

Vegetarianism? Premarital sex (as in, what's the big deal?)? Defense, even.

Aaah! Just find something, and I'll be happy. Even the questionable awesomeness of my piano pants. I'm so desperate...
Let's say you have a colony of people. Like, cave people, who are really primitive. What would you give them? Fire? Antibiotics? Would you teach them all we know?

I ask because I'm not sure I would. I think I would keep them in a bubble and hope they never got out. What has evolution gotten us? Technology? Science and medicine? We're not at all happy today. I don't know one truly happy, satisfied person. So has any of this stuff helped us at all?

I think cave people were happy. They didn't know they were missing another eighty years of life, or more kids because theirs all died of stuff, or anything. They didn't miss it. They thought their existence was it. Is that really so bad?

I'd like feedback on this; I want to know what people think. Seriously. What do we need to be happy, and do we know too much now to regain that?
Why do we have Easter off from school? Why is one Christian holiday more important than all the holidays during the school year for the countless other religions? Unless schools are willing to have a day off from school for every single religious holiday for every single religion, Easter should not have a day to itself.

On the subject of religion, McCain's running mate Sarah Palin stated that Creationism should be taught in school right beside evolution. Okay, at least she's not outlawing evolution. But Creationism is one belief, with no scientific basis, that is not even considered a scientific possibility. Is she willing to also have class time devoted to the beliefs of every other religion? No. So why are Christian beliefs more important than everyone else's? If something has no roots in science, if it is not factual and cannot be proven, it has no place in a school.

I guess that clears up my political beliefs, at least...